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I am having one odd problem in Windows 8. Everytime I start my computer I need to connect manually to the internet with a username and a password. When I get connected I can access the internet in desktop mode, but not in Metro mode.

My internet connection icon in the bottom right of the screen is always showed with a warning sign (triangle and a "!" sign). If I right click the icon and go to Open Network And Sharing Center I can see my connection and the network card showing the message Unidentified Network.

Does someone know why I always get a warning sign, I'm sure thats why I can't access the internet in Metro.

Btw: I tried disable and enable of the network card.

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Can you somehow figure out why it is Unidentified? Can you check the status and its details? Can you ping your router, your DNS server and an internet site? – Tom Wijsman Mar 3 '12 at 20:12

You should right click on the network tray icon and "Troubleshoot Problems". It's pretty much always given me a general idea of what went wrong.

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