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My laptop monitor has a much higher pixel density then my external monitors, and I'd like to be able to increase Firefox's global font size using something like NoSquint, but only when the window is placed on the laptop's monitor.

I'm thinking of an AutoHotkey-based solution. Are there any other options over there, or perhaps someone already has an Autohotkey script that solves this?

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I wrote this in AHK just now as a solution (since you mentioned the wonderful tool). To use it, set Z1, Z2, etc. to the desired zoom levels shown in the legend. (If nothing is set for a display it will maximize at 100% zoom.) Then, you can combine Alt with the number key corresponding to any display's number to maximize/zoom Firefox on that display. For example:

  • Press Alt+1 to maximize the active FF window to zoom level Z1 on the primary display

  • Press Alt+2 to maximize the active FF window to zoom level Z2 on the secondary display


; Set the zoom levels for FF to maximize to on each display
Z1 = 4  ; Primary display zoom level
Z2 = 0  ; Secondary display zoom level
Z3 = 0  ; etc..

; Zoom level legend
;   0 = 100%        3 = 133%        6 = 200%
;   1 = 110%        4 = 150%        7 = 240%
;   2 = 120%        5 = 170%        8 = 300%

; Count displays and create hotkeys accordingly
sysGet, monitors, 80
loop %monitors% {
    sysGet, screen, monitor, %a_index%
    %a_index%_screenTop := screenTop
    %a_index%_screenLeft := screenLeft
    hotkey, ifWinActive, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass
    hotkey, $!%a_index%, moveMaxZoom

    winRestore  ; Restore window if necessary
    thisHotkey := regExReplace(a_thisHotkey, "[^0-9A-Za-z]")
    winMove, a,, %thisHotkey%_screenLeft, %thisHotkey%_screenTop
    postMessage, 0x112, 0xF030  ; 0x112 = WM_SYSCOMMAND, 0xF030 = SC_MAXIMIZE
    Z := Z%thisHotkey%
    send ^0^{+ %Z%}
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