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When I generate the Table of Contents in Word 2010, It copies some diagrams, illustration and text from the body. How can I correct this?

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Everything in the TOC is supposed to come from styles defined as "headings". Check to make sure you haven't accidentally included them in the headings styles. – Breakthrough Mar 3 '12 at 23:41

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Make sure that the paragraphs of the diagrams, illustrations and other text have their outline level correctly set under Paragraph properties. They should be "Body Text" and not "Level X".

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Yeah, um, that box is grayed out as "Level 1" (or blank with enough lines selected). – Frank Sep 29 '14 at 17:00
If it's blank then it means it will apply that change to all selected paragraphs. If it's grayed out it might mean you have selected something other than paragraphs perhaps a table or image? Try one block of text at a time. – Adam Sep 30 '14 at 22:06
Thanks @Adam. I think blank means the selected lines have different values for that field; while grayed out means that I cannot change that field. I was seeing (i) grayed and "Level 1" and (ii) grayed and blank. In neither case was there any change to apply. You're right, case (i) was because I had an image selected. I managed to fix it by cutting each piece (text or image) and re-pasting it in the same place. Go figure. – Frank Sep 30 '14 at 22:10
@Frank, Glad to hear you got it sorted, Word can be funny sometimes. What you said and what I said it 100% correct, I think I should of made what you said clearer in my original reply though :) Let me know if you have any other problems. – Adam Sep 30 '14 at 22:21

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