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I am trying to run this command:

# rmmod nvidia

But I get:

ERROR: Module nvidia is in use

How can I know which process(es) is/are using the nvidia module?

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Got an answer here:… – 719016 Mar 17 '12 at 8:23
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There isn't a direct way that I know of to get the processes that are using a module.

You can try lsmod | grep <module name> to see all loaded kernel modules that are using a module.

You can also try dmesg | grep <module name> to see if the kernel logs have any clues as to which processes may be using a module.

You may be able to remove the module using rmmod --force <module_name>.

As for the nvidia module, you should be able to remove it if you shut down X11.

init 4
rmmod nvidia

worked for me.

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