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I want to make a rar file(not tar or gzip) with several parts in linux shell, how can do that please?

for example my file is : m.avi - 500mb

I want this :

m.part1.rar 250mb
m.part2.rar 250mb  
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Ah I misunderstood, for parting rar files you have to do the following. First make sure you have rar installed. Then use the following command:

rar a -v250000k /path/m.splitted.rar /path/m.avi

a for append, -v for the size in kilobytes. This would create /path/m.splitted.part001.rar, /path/m.splitted.part002.rar, etc.

If you want the old naming scheme (m.splitted.rar as the first file, then m.splitted.r01, m.splitted.r02, etc.) you should use -vn instead of -v. See /usr/share/doc/rar/rar.txt for more information.

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You can write volume size as Megabyte with M. I mean using rar -a -v250M ... – SuB Oct 17 '13 at 15:16

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