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I bought an iPad because it had a pretty good app that my fiance and I are going to use in place of a DJ for our wedding. The iPad works, the app works, all is good in the world right? NOPE! I have my entire music library on a central server located in a closet in my basement. If I plug the iPad directly into it and run a sync it works. Apple even added this great new feature where you can sync over wifi. I tried it out, and sweet, it worked... ONCE! Then no dice. I tried everything, spent the last 8 hours perusing the forums. All anyone has to over is along the lines of cut the power to your whole house, power off everything with a battery, then start things back up one by one. That's even worse than the windows solution of just rebooting the computer. So I give up, wifi sync is a great idea that just plain doesn't work. So now I need another solution. And I have one: Get off my lazy butt and walk down to the closet and manually plug it in. Convenient, right?

So now I remember that Windows Remote Desktop provides the capability of mapping local drives/printers/pnp devices to the remote system. Sweet! And guess what? The iPad even shows up under the

Other supported Plug and Play (PnP) devices

section of the optional configuration:

pnp configuration

So now all I have to do is open the connection and viola... Nothing. No iPad shows up. It does, however, remain connected on my local system.

What am I missing? I checked the group policy on the remote system and it allows the connection. Its windows 7 Professional, so no terminal services configuration to worry about. The USB connection is valid locally. What is going wrong? Anyone have ideas? I know there has gotta be someone else that would love to do this!

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Can you have network files in your iTunes library? I so, that's what I would suggest. – MBraedley Mar 4 '12 at 19:16

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