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Outlook 2010 receiving the following error when trying to send emails using additional mail accounts. Sending from the default mail account works fine.

Task ' reported error (0x8004010F) 
: 'Outlook data file cannot be accessed.' 

Mail server is Exchange 2010. The user has full access and send permissions on required mailboxes.

I have re-created the user's Outlook profile twice.

Can someone please offer some ideas?

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I have got these problems before, although I'm not quite sure about the exact error message.

In my case I was only able to fix it by a complete removal and reinstallation of Outlook.

When you say you re-created the profile, did you completely remove the account from Outlook? Did the error came back before importing the old emails?

If you can answer both questions with a Yes I don't think there is another option but removing and reinstalling Outlook

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Picked this solution up a while back:

  1. From Outlook click File>Account Settings>Account Settings
  2. Click Change Folder
  3. Click New Outlook Data File (This is just temporary)
  4. Give it a name (I used "Test")
  5. Click the + to the left of the folder name to expand the subfolders. Click Inbox. Click OK.
  6. Then Click Change Folder
  7. Click Select the one you want
  8. Click the + to the left of the folder name to expand the subfolders. Click Inbox. Click OK.
  9. Close Account Settings and click send/receive.
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This worked, no need to reinstall. – Ratna Dec 31 '15 at 4:49

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