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Please can you help me with the below excel formula?


  • Col A = Business use case number (BUC001, BUC002...)
  • Col B = Business use case definition corresponding to the Business use case number
  • Col C = Covered by Requirement Number = (VA001, VA002...)


  • Col A = Requirement ID (VA001, VA002, VA003...)
  • Col B = Requirement Description corresponding to Requirement ID

I want to map the Sheet1:Col A data into Sheet2:Col C such that Sheet2:Col C has the details of the Business use case number exercised by the corresponding Sheet2:Col A = Requirement ID

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You might want to consider using database software like Access if you want to get relational views of your data. – Tom Wijsman Mar 4 '12 at 21:33

If your data looks like this:

Sheet 1
A           B         C
BUC001  Buc1 blah   VA001
BUC002  Buc2 blah   VA002
BUC003  Buc3 blah   VA003
BUC004  Buc4 Blah   VA004


Sheet 2
A         B         
VA001   VA1 Blah
VA002   VA2 Blah
VA003   VA3 Blah
VA004   VA4 Blah

And you want sheet 2 Col C to read Sheet 1 Col B by matching VA###, you can use a vlookup, but you will need to rework sheet 1 to look like this:

Sheet 1
  A        B         C
VA001   BUC001   Buc1 blah
VA002   BUC002   Buc2 blah
VA003   BUC003   Buc3 blah
VA004   BUC004   Buc4 Blah

and use formula in sheet 2 column C =vlookup(A1,sheet1!$A$1:$C$4,3,false But you must replace $C$4 with the last cell in column C that has data. This will match the VA### in sheet 2 col A to the VA### in sheet 1 col A and return the Buc# blah from sheet 1 col C

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