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My company has various internal mailing lists, I am a member of various ones. If I receive a message addressed to two (or more!) groups of which I am a member, I receive two copies of the message.

Is there an option or trick I can use when I receive a message addressed to two lists of which I am a member, that when I read one message, it marks as read the others?

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What mail server are you using? If you're using Microsoft Exchange with Exchange-managed mailing lists, you should only receive one copy of the message in the scenario you describe. – ahockley Sep 11 '09 at 14:38

It sounds like you either need:


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The following article discusses quite a few dupe removers : "Duplicate Remover Tools for Microsoft Outlook". None of them seem to be free.

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Likely a configuration error with your account on the Exchange server. (if you guys are using Exchange.)

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