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I need the Intel i7-870 for a machine, mainly used for programming Java, Flash CS5, etc.

I would love to make a small form factor and silent machine but wonder if it is possible and adviseable.

These are my 2 favourites so far:

I target a CPU temp at 30 Grad degrees Celsius on Windows 7 idle. No overclocking needed.

Would you think shuttle can handle this or would you build your own? Is Mini-ITX possible to build a low-temperature system with i7? Do you already have an i7 running on a Mini-ITX. How about temperature?

Thanks for any advise guys.

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ok. its NOT advisable regarding the fact that the cpu in most nowadays mini-cases has to run on significant higher temperatures compared to a midi-sized computer. i had it running on a shuttle mini (USD 390 for case, psu, mobo) with additional high-end fans. the cpu was at 40 Degrees C at idle compared to 29 at a midi tower with room for a high-tower Cooler.

If you are like me and rely on the computer (for work, gaming addiction or whatever) it wouldn't be accurate to sacrifice your cpu's lifespan just for a smaller form factor.

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