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How do you get AutoHotKey hotkeys to work with Remote Desktop in fullscreen on Windows 7?

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As user16659 notes, Reload makes the hotkeys work again (But his script did not work for me).

Basically, I now have two scripts running, one which contains my hotkeys and hotstrings "script.ahk" and another which will reload this script if RDP is maximised "controller.ahk".


#SingleInstance force
::hw::Hello World


Run "autohotkey" "script.ahk"

SetTimer, ReloadOnRDPMaximized, 500

If WinActive("ahk_class TscShellContainerClass")
    WinGet, maxOrMin, MinMax, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass

    if (maxOrMin = 0) {
        WinGetPos, PosX, PosY, WinWidth, WinHeight, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass

        if (PosY = 0) {
            ; it is fully maximized therefore reload "script.ahk"
            Run "autohotkey" "script.ahk"

            ; wait until window gets deactivated so you don't reload it again.
            WinWaitNotActive, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass

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However, I have noticed that even my solution does not work because in RDP it does not send the shift key press for hot strings, e.g. if you send * then it will send 8... :( – Tahir Hassan Nov 16 '12 at 15:23
I had to do something like SendInput, {shift}8{shift up} to send * in RDP, but it will send 8 in Windows. SendInput, {shift down}8{shift up} works the other way around. – user16659 Nov 16 '12 at 17:14
Since answering your above question, I have decided to run my AHK script on the remote server (it is a LOT more reliable). I have changed controller.ahk to close script.ahk so it does not interfere with the server's script. I pasted my solution on my blog: – Tahir Hassan Dec 5 '12 at 13:46

You also need to set "Apply windows key combinations" on the "Local resources" tab of remote desktop connection 'mstsc.exe' to "ON THIS COMPUTER"MSTSC WINDOWS KEY COMBINATIONS

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To make AHK work with Microsoft's Terminal Server client in fullscreen, AHK has to reload after the Remote Desktop window is activated.

SetTimer, waitforrdp, -250

SendInput, {shift}C{shift up}
SendInput, apitalized

IfWinActive, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass
    WinWaitNotActive, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass,,3600
WinWaitActive, ahk_class TscShellContainerClass,,3600
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