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When I try opening some old Word 2007 docx files in Word 2010, I get the error message:

This file was created in a pre-release version of Word 2007 and cannot be opened in this version.

I tried following Microsoft's support advice, but it didn't fix the problem. Are there any other solutions?

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Alternatively, upload the document to Google Docs and then resave it as a Word document.

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This worked for me:

  • Open the file with Wordpad.
  • Right click over the desired document, choose Open with… , choose Wordpad.
  • The file is opened even with photos
  • Copy the whole content with Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C.
  • Opene a new Word document in Word 2013 and paste the whole content
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How dies this differ from Braids answer from the 6th of March? (over 9 months ago). Did you want to post a comment (not an answer) to that post? – Hennes Dec 28 '13 at 13:28
@Hennes I think this is another solution using Wordpad, not Word 2007. – slhck Dec 28 '13 at 14:19
Damn. Missed that. * sips coffee as suggested * – Hennes Dec 28 '13 at 14:36

If you installed the compatibility pack, you'd be open it with 2010. Don't know why you couldn't. But you may try this: open it with 2007, save it as an RTF, then open it with 2010.

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