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I have 4 GB DDR3 RAM in my HP Pavilion G7-1031eo. I am running on it win 7 home premium x64.

My question is: can I add there another 4GB ram? I found different answers on this questions and I do not know what is true.

Here is that I can not. And here is I can upgrade it if I am running a x64 system (what I do).

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I would have agreed with the others and the lack of easily found HP docs. However, in HP's general specificaton doc of the G7 series, it says that there are 2 memory slots, with a limit of 4gb per slot or 8gb total. Its on page 3 of this HP G7 document, under "memory modules".

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HP indicates 4GB max but you can see if a BIOS upgrade may allow more. It may also be that the larger SODIMM was not readily available and upgrade will work. Kingston indicates that 6GB and 8GB are possible unless the chipset is based on Intel GL40 cannot tell from the spec if this is the case

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