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I need your help in finding a best tools/command to backup a huge(140k directories= 24TB) filesystem.
I used cpio to copy 80% but my system is out of memory i was forced to kill cpio half way.
Our system is SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server9 (ia64) VERSION =9,PATCHLEVEL=3.32GB of Memory.

echo "++++++++++++++++ Start Date is `date`+++++++++++++ "
cd /production1/hhl_imgs
find . -depth -print | cpio -pdmv /backup1/hhl_imgs
echo "++++++++++++++++ Completion Date is `date`+++++++++"
echo "========================================================"

Is there a way how to find only the modified directories in /backup1/hhl_imgs of a certain date and copy them to backup directory in /backup1/hhl_imgs?

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have a look at the time-related tests of find. To list all directories changed during the last day (actually, the argument to ctime is the number of 24-hour periods in scope)

find . -type d -ctime 1

if you want to establish a "point in time", try using a reference file:

touch -t 03071200 march-7th-noon
find . -cnewer march-7th-noon

depending on what time you are looking for (atime, ctime), use the respective switch to find, -atime or -anewer or the -c flavor

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:thank you for your prompt reply. Suppose i want a certain date for example:March01, 2012, any directory was modified on that day should be copied to the backup. how can i do that? – AlBouazizi Mar 7 '12 at 13:00

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