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Does the bluetooth standard support a client/host relationship between devices, or is the connection symmetric?

The process of initially connecting devices seems to suggest that there is a client/host relationship because one device enters discoverable mode, while the other initiates the connection. However, this doesn't seem ironclad to me, so I'm really not sure.

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Bluetooth is indeed a master/slave (client/host) connection. One device is set into discoverable mode while the other initiates the connections. If it is the first connection a pairing sequence is started and the user needs to give a pin code (or with newer device verify the pin code on both devices). All following connection can be made from both devices without being discoverable.

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do the master/slave roles have significance after this first-time connection. This seems borderline out-of-scope for a new question. – Chris Bye Mar 7 '12 at 15:47

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