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Anyone know what the "non-nice user cpu ticks" line in vmstat -s means?

For example:

# vmstat -s
   127180  total memory
    23436  used memory
     9828  active memory
     6744  inactive memory
   103744  free memory
        0  buffer memory
     9172  swap cache
        0  total swap
        0  used swap
        0  free swap
     1572 non-nice user cpu ticks
        0 nice user cpu ticks
     2632 system cpu ticks
     8543 idle cpu ticks
        0 IO-wait cpu ticks
       21 IRQ cpu ticks
        5 softirq cpu ticks
        0 stolen cpu ticks
        0 pages paged in
        0 pages paged out
        0 pages swapped in
        0 pages swapped out
    47872 interrupts
    53183 CPU context switches
   1331129846 boot time
         1010 forks
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any cpu tick by user process which was not nice'd nice is a way to change priorities of processes if you do not use this command to manipulate priorities you most likely end up all your user cpu ticks in the non nice section of the stats

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