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I work with Excel pretty much all day every day. There are a few spreadsheets I have that I use almost like stand-alone applications. My problem is that I often have 10 or 20 other spreadsheets open and sometimes they will crash. Unless I was very careful to keep my application-like excel spreadsheets in different instances, they will crash too.

I understand that I can achieve what I want if I am careful, but I am looking for a way to achieve this without having to think about it or be careful. I often open my timesheet in one instance and then a bunch of others in another instance, but I might forget and just double-click a few from the file explorer and then they are open in my timesheet app.

Is there a way to launch a spreadsheet in a new instance and not allow any other spreadsheets to be opened in that instance? Even better would be a simple wrapper program that let me create "apps" out of certain Excel files - such that I could just click on the app and it would open up the spreadsheet in an instance that was completely standalone and unable to open other spreadsheets?

EDIT: I am using Excel 2010.

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What version of excel? DDE is the answer here. – Raystafarian Mar 7 '12 at 20:52

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