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I'm using MS word 2007. I want to add in the header text (on each page) the chapter (level 1) and sub chapter (level 2) name at the top of each page.

I guess I have to add fields for it, but I cannot find the name of fields to use. Which ones should I use?


I think I already found the answer (though still have problems with having multiple sections):

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Are you talking about including that text in header/footer? – dnbrv Mar 8 '12 at 5:07
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I already found out but I couldn't add it here.

I needed to add a separate section for each change of paragraph in the header. Disconnect the footer text to not use the previous one, then add a reference as text and copy/change it for every section. Result is 17 different sections.

It would be nice if there were field properties for the 'current' paragraph level 1/2 numbers.

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