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Following the install instructions I start with:

apxs -o -c *.c

which produces .o, .la, .lo, .slo but no .so, so the next step of:

apxs -i -a -n fastcgi


I tried the more manual approach of moving Makefile.AP2 to Makefile and running

make top_dir=/path/to/http

Which complains about a missing "" if you set it incorrectly, so with it set correctly that works and on the next step of

make install 

it complains that top_dir is a Directory. Of course it's a directory!

??? Any ideas?

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What OS/Distro? – Journeyman Geek May 28 '12 at 12:32

If you have OS X, try:


… and add one line:

CFLAGS=-arch x86_64

This might work.

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