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I removed Maven2 from my computer and tried installing Maven3. While doing this I added a few things to the /etc/environment file, as instructed by the Maven guys. Anyway, after a few successful log-outs, I logged-out again and suddenly was not be able to log in back, even after booting and shutting down my laptop.

When Ubuntu starts it asks for my password and then I see a blank screen with numbers on the top left and "dwm-5.8.2" on the top right (see images). The only thing I can do is access the command line (ctrl-alt-F2). I did that and modified my /etc/environment file back to the original, but still got the same screen after reboot. When I select the guest user everything starts normally.

I have no idea what's going on. Thanks for your help!

Images: enter image description here

enter image description here

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Please answer your own question once you can (another 2 hrs), there's no real point putting the solution into the question. Just use the answer your question button below. Thanks! – slhck Mar 8 '12 at 11:40

your desktop looks a lot like the background of the ubuntu session manager i see on :

something that has been set for your user is crashing the Unity system and apparently the fallback is to dwm, which is apparently a component of ubuntus session manager (dynamic window manager). I would guess the numbers are for virtual desktops.

try logging in as yourself and from terminal doing 'sudo apt-get reinstall unity' or 'sudo apt-get install xfce' or similar (use search engines to find precisely correct commands).

if that does not work something that unity doesn't require has been accidentally changed by you or a third party.

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