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I'm trying to open my Internet to the general public. The connection should support net neutrality (I don't want to setup rules to inspect and/or block certain packages). My concern however is people who will inevitably try to start P2P sharing. I'm not too keen on getting hauled in by the cops for something I didn't do.

So here's how I imagine things to work:

  • My router provides an Ad-Hoc, passwordless WiFi connection
  • When someone connects wirelessly, they are issued an Internet connection with an external (they accessible to the anybody on the internet, not NAT) IP address

I guess the router would be akin to advanced switch.

Of course I don't want to give out my PPPoE details for spreading on the net.

Is something like this possible?

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Absolutely, what hardware are you using? – soandos Mar 8 '12 at 9:38
Atm the hardware I possess is pretty much locked down. I'm planning to buy a 3g router that supports OpenWrt. If this works on Wifi it should also work with 3G. --edit actually I'm planning to buy w/e hardware is necessary to get this to work, as long as it isn't exorbitantly expensive. Any suggestions ? / How do I get this to work ? – UncleJack Mar 8 '12 at 9:42

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