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The LCD screen on my Brother DCP 145c printer shows a message

clean unable 46

I changed cartridges and the printer does not respond on pressing the buttons. What shall I do?

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Try to reset it

  1. Press the Menu, then Mono Start key then press the UP arrow key 4 times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode and “ERROR 46″ pops-up in the display.

  2. Enter maintenance mode 80: Select 8 by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow key and push OK key and select 0 and push OK key

  3. Now Press MONO arrow key several times until you see PURGE:XXXXX

  4. Select 2 and push OK, Select 7 and push OK, 8 and push OK, select 3 and push OK and the purge counter is now reset to 00000.

  5. Press STOP/EXIT key to go to root of maintenance mode

  6. Enter code 99 to exit maintenance mode: Select 9 and push OK, Select 9 and push OK.

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Thanks! This is very helpful and a handy knowledge! – Cary Bondoc Aug 29 '15 at 23:07

according to Brother website error code listing

error code 46 refers to "ink absorber pad is full and needs replacing."

You will need to bring it in for service

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