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How can I find all files with some extended ACLs set, i.e. those with a little + at the end of the permission flags shown by ls -l.

I could not find a corresponding flag for find. My naive approach would be a find combined with ls -l and a grep. But I don't think this is nice.

Does someone have an idea?

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getfacl can dump ACLs recursively, and it has a --skip-base option for ignoring files without ACLs.

getfacl -R -s -p /directory | sed -n 's/^# file: //p'
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I found this googling the opposite; to find files with no ACLs set. This is what I ended up with (in case some other googler finds it)

ls --color=auto -lR | grep -v "\+ " | grep -v "^[.,a-z,1-9]" | grep -v "^$"

Apparently ls -R is faster than find (I have a kagillion files and each find command is taking me 2 hours).

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