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I have a header style with a navy blue background (TH1 in the screen shot below). How do I change the background colour?

enter image description here

I can see the colour defined in the markup as a pattern:

Font: Verdana, 14 pt, Not Bold, Font color: White, Space
    Before:  6 pt
    After:  6 pt
    Pattern: Clear (Custom Color(RGB(10,81,161)))
    Based on: Heading 1

But I'm at a loss as to where that's configured.

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To change the background (shading):

  • Click the Format button in the bottom-left
  • Click Border...

    format > border

  • Go to the Shading tab.


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My word-fu failed me completely today +1 – Kev Mar 8 '12 at 18:27

It seems the trick is to change the background fill on an existing style in the document itself then right click and select:

Styles -> Update <style_name> to Match Selection
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First insert a table, even a 1 by 1 table will do. Now type a word inside the table. Highlight this word and right-click on it, you will notice that the tools that now pop up include a shading tool. Shade this word as wanted, any background color you select. Now copy this word to your regular text area of your word document & give it the correct size, font, etc wanted. Now you can remove the table.

For some reason the tools that come up when right-clicking on highlighted text inside a table are different than the tools for standard text in a document.

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  1. Click the Format button in the bottom-left
  2. Click Border.
  3. Select shading and then Fill
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This has already been answered in the accepted answer. What new information are you bringing? – Burgi Apr 25 at 14:23

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