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Screen capturing and annotating tool under OS X?

Several versions of this question have been asked, but I'm looking for something specific: what screenshot app for the Mac is closest to the Windows FastStone Capture utility that you would recommend?

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i don't know what FastStone is, but i'm using Skitch. It has: - simple editing tools for screenshot; - upload to skitch.com or your ftp server; - simple saving to different formats;

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This is very similar to another question on SuperUser. See the suggestions there for other ideas.

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I personally use Jing. It's got video recording functionality as well. If you pay for the pro version, you can save in non-flash formats or even upload to YouTube. Jing also lets you use your webcam, should you be using a machine that has one.

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Lightweight, fast, efficient, does 100% of what a simple screenshot program does. I use FastStone Capture on Windows extensively, and so far, I find that InstantShot! replicates FastStone Capture the best, without adding all the bells-and-whistles that I hardly, if I ever, uses.

alt text

Give it a whirl, you'll like it. Oh, and it's free too!

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