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I'm looking for some Mac software that will help me track my keystrokes, in a format for easy analysis. I'd like to store the timestamp and selected application for each keystroke or run of keystrokes.

Is there any software available that supports this? Ideally something open source, because of the sensitivity of the data.

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I guess the best thing would be some kind of kernel extension. There is the logkext project, but I'm not sure if it will work with recent versions of Mac OS X.

If you don't mind writing a bit of source code, then this could be an acceptable base to start with...

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I didn't find any working open source apps at osx.iusethis.com, but I just tested Keyboard Spy and it should still work on 10.7.

It doesn't store any time information though, and it displays the keycode output corresponding to the US layout.

I don't think there's any way to get any raw data out of Typingstats, but it should give an idea of some metrics.

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