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Is it possible to "pause" an animated gif file in Google Chrome? If so, how do I do it?

I've tried Esc without luck. I'm aware that other browsers can do this using the Esc key

I thought I saw a similar question on here before but couldn't find it - close as dupe if you can find it

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Nope, not yet. There is a feature request to add it to Webkit (which is what Chrome is based off of).

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you can "grab" the image with your cursor and "hold" a stop-frame of it but once you let go it will begin again

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Very nice, it work! – felipsmartins Oct 9 '15 at 21:03

Stop animated .gif images in Google Chrome

As we all know, the Escape [Esc] key doesn’t work in the Google Chrome web browser. The Esc key should stop animated gifs dead in their tracks, but it doesn’t. Nor is there a trusty Web Developer toolbar available to do away with them once and for all.


  1. Have another tab open in your browser while you’re surfing, (if you don’t already).

  2. Click the other tab with your mouse, then click back to your original tab that had the animated gif.


a. This only stops the gif animation so that you can read without distraction. When you scroll your browser or click the page, the gif will start animating again. This is a temporary hack, until Google adds this functionality or a plugin is written.

b. You must use your mouse to click another tab and then click back on the tab you are trying to stop gif animation in. You can’t use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[Tab].


note: the article is dated from Dec 2008, i don't know whether this trick works with current versions of Chrome, it doesn't work for me with SRWare Iron Portable 3.x

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Press the close button of your Chrome window with the left button of your mouse and keep your mouse down, at this time the gif will be paused.

if(you don't want to close the window){
just move your cursor out of the close button and release your mouse button;
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No, you can't do this. Firefox and Internet Explorer have the functionality you describe, but Chrome doesn't.

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