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I want to flash my BIOS to see if it will fix my LCD problem (screen is just black when i turn the laptop on).

The BIOS update says:

[Fixed History]
1. Solve DVD can't be dislpayed in clone mode
2. Support Intel TJ85 CPU (need to corperate with KBC v1.33)
**3. Add a BIOS workaround to prevent LCD-no-display issue. (v1.16 fixed.)**

Directly run "bios.bat" batch file within the attached zip file under windows mode

How do i tell my USB drive to run bios.bat when i plug it in?

I have seen somewhere on the net, that i am supposed to hold down FN + ESC for a couple of seconds, when my laptop is turned off, and it will automatically boot up, and try to flash the BIOS from the files on the USB drive.

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Have you tried hooking it up to an external monitor? – Phillip R. Mar 10 '12 at 0:18

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