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What could be a non structured software for drawing, text, mind-mapping something to quickly lay down your ideas, Similar to VUE but much more liberal with respect to the following points:

  • Preferably open source.
  • Freely sketching at any part of the document.
  • Placing Images(any size) at any part of the document.
  • Placing text at any part of the document.
  • Linking up the above blocks using various elements.
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Freemind is a popular open source Mind Mapping package.

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freemind is ugly. – nXqd Jan 6 '11 at 23:23

iMindMap seems to fit your requirements. It works also on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Excerpt from the FAQ:

What makes iMindMap different from other Mind Mapping software? 

Where many other Mind Mapping programs are rigid and linear, iMindMap uses  the principles laid out by Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps.  These “rules” state that by creating organic‐looking, colourful, structured and image‐filled Mind Maps, the brain remembers and processes the  information contained within the Mind Map much more effectively. Thus increasing productivity, creativity, imagination and inspiration for the creator.   This results in saved time and a better quality outcome for the task carried out.


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The softwares listed are more based on a central theme and expand from that point, I am looking for a more free handed approach. – Kevin Boyd Sep 11 '09 at 22:17
Then you need simply a vector graphic program, Inkscape for instance. – Snark Sep 11 '09 at 22:25

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