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I have an Intel Core i3 540. It's got integrated graphics, as far as I know. I'm running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I've wanted to start mining bitcoins for fun, but I've been disappointed with the excruciatingly small amounts I get from simply using my CPU. So I tried to use BitMinter. It wanted an OpenCL driver; I downloaded the AMD SDK for OpenCL. I also downloaded the Intel one and tried that. I didn't get my driver, according to BitMinter. However, under Firefox 4, using the Nokia WebCL extension, told me that I had both installed; it wouldn't let me use them.

Is there something wrong here? Should I have my driver? Is there an additional set of steps?

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Add your computer make/model or go to device manager and let us know what is listed under "display adapters" – G Koe Mar 10 '12 at 8:03

If you are using the motherboard onboard graphics you have "Intel HD Graphics"

You need the Intel OpenCL SDK found here:

Look for a download button near the top right of the page.

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Ah, but that doesn't work - even under all/any of the compatibility modes. This is because, as shown in the title of my question, I am currently running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. – JavaAndCSharp Mar 10 '12 at 16:30

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