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I have a Linksys WRT54GL router with Tomato installed on it.

enter image description here

My network configuration requires me to disable the DHCP server on the router. After disabling it, I do not know the IP of the router because it isn't my default gateway anymore. Now it is impossible to change settings (e.g. wireless password).

Any idea how to access the router?

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DHCP server does not necessarily mean default gateway.

If you are not using the DHCP server on your router, you need to either

  • set up another DHCP server on another computer or something else somewhere
  • assign IPs manually to all devices

Clients reach the DHCP server through broadcasts, i.e. traffic that is set to reach all nodes on your network. So nothing needs to know the IP of your DHCP server as long as the DHCP server is listening on something that is in the same subnet as the rest of your network.

Your DHCP server should be configured to hand out the router's IP as the default gateway.

Per your situation, if all you did was disable the DHCP server, the IP of the router probably didn't change and you can still use the same IP to get to it. If you do NOT have a DHCP server elsewhere on your network, try setting your IP to 192.168.X.44 subnet mask - X is probably going to be 0 or 1 - then you can probably reach your router at 192.168.X.1 or 192.168.X.254.

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I don;t have access to the DHCP server; How do I know the IP of the router? – Adam Matan Mar 10 '12 at 15:35
Just made an edit. It probably didn't change from the last time you set it. Typical default IPs of routers are, ,, – LawrenceC Mar 10 '12 at 16:10

Best bet: Reset the router. The DHCP will turn back on and you can then connect. Credentials are probably admin/admin. If the DCHP was off, you probably weren't using it for much more than the wifi function, so there won't be many settings to reconfigure.

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in Ipv4 properities set ip manually.

  1. Ip address has to start the same as router ip except for last number (has to be different, usually higher).
  2. Mask is set automatically.
  3. Gate ip is your router ip.
  4. the first DNS is again your router ip.
  5. alternative DNS can set randomly (for examle google DNS

Then just go to your browser and write your router ip to get to its setting

p.s. You can find router ip in command line by writing ipconfig - gate ip is ip of your router.

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Welcome to Super User! Please read the question again carefully. Your answer does not answer the original question. He doesn't know the router IP so your instructions don't make any sense. – DavidPostill May 31 at 11:18

You're still able to connect to the router that this is connected to, and serves as your DHCP, right? That might be able to have a list of connected devices. If not, you would at least know the base range of ip ranges (192.168.0.* or 192.168.1.*). If you know roughly how many other devices are connected, you could guess the address from there. Or reset that dhcp router, connect with some pc and find its ip address. Then connect the new dhcp-less router, and its ip will be +1 of the last known address.

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I faced this problem with DHCP recently. I searched the internet and could not find a step by step solution. So I had to contact an IT person. I made a tutorial which I am posting here for everyone. Here it is:

I hope it helps as a general guide.

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Answers only referring to a link is generally discouraged due to its susceptibility to link rot. Please edit the linked information information into your answer. – Jarmund May 24 '15 at 17:53

becareful of setting DNS, it should set to your router ip address. for example, router dhcp is disable and router ip adress is, then in your computer ipv4 properties, dhcp is enable and dns must be set to so that you can access router for changing setting.

I've tried that way and its working.

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I don't understand this, but regardless, it requires accessing the router, which the original poster can't do, so even if it makes sense, it doesn't seem to answer the question. – blm Jan 16 at 17:57

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