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I want to buy a webcam, in the product spec it has: Still image:Up to 16 Megapixel, 4608x3456 (software interpolated) Image sensor:1/6"CMOS, 640×480 pixels

Is it real 16MP camera? or with an specified software it resize image to 4608x3456? I want to use such big picture in MATLAB.

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Nope - it's 0.3 megapixels. Software interpolation stretches and blurs the image, but make no mistake: it's adding data where there wasn't any before.

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It's unlikely that it is a real 16 MP camera (at least I've never seen a webcam that does that resolution; correct me if I'm wrong), probably - as it says on the specs - it's a 640x480 image which is interpolated to a larger resolution.

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