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I used to use Kleopatra on an old Windows XP machine. The hard drive of the aforementioned computer was transferred into an external enclosure and is available; GPG4Win version 2.0.1 was on that machine.

The new computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium and has GPG4Win 2.1.0 installed on it. And I can only download my public key from off the public key server, of course.

How do I transfer the Kleopatra PGP GPG private keys from the old hard drive to the new computer?

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I realise that this is a very old post but I am providing an answer in the hope that someone may find it useful.

On a Windows PC, GPG stores its keys (both public and private) in %appdata%\gnupg (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Application Data\gnupg). So, just drag the secring.gpg file from that folder onto the window of your currently installed version of Kleopatra and select the 'Import Certificates' option.

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