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This is the drive I have in my Pismo 400 MHz Mac Powerbook: IBM Travelstar 20 GB - 66.6 MBps - 4200 rpm.

I would like to upgrade to a larger drive as I'd like to partition it, one partition for Mac OS X and the other for system 9.2.1.

How big a drive can I put in here, at the fastest speed that I can use? (The current one is 4200 RPM...a 5400 RPM would be fine.)

I also understand that the drives that go in this machine are Ultra ATA/66s.

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That drive has some issues apparently, I found a little article over here about using Pismo's with that model, and it says:

Many PB Wallstreet owners have reported that after installing an IBM Travelstar drive the iPowerBook would not wake from sleep after closing the lid.

I recommend viewing the full article, it does tell of some limitations, such as the 128GB limit.

I found a great tool over here that will find reviews of hard drives for any Apple Mac product you want, and give you model numbers. All the reviews are very comprehensive, and include a ton of information, including errors. Your laptop model is in there, and appears to have a few options.

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