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A group of friend organizes an event about every month, but it's a hassle to nag everyone every time to find out who's going.

So what I need is a place where I can enter all events for this year, and have it send everyone a reminder, allowing them to fill in if they're coming.

I tried a few obvious solutions, like Google Calendar, but I have not found anything that automatically sends a reminder, and shows a list of who is coming.

Not al my friends are using Facebook/Gmail/...

Concrete requirements:

  1. Automatic reminders
  2. List of people who are coming.
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Do you want a web application, or are desktop programs also fine? – Daniel Beck Mar 11 '12 at 18:42
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Google Calendar can send reminders to guests, if they have a Google Calendar account and they choose to add a reminder.

Otherwise, specialized event management apps include:

  • sends reminders
  • Smart Events (free for less than 5 attendees)
  • EventBrite (free): sends reminders
  • Eventzilla (free): sends reminders
  • TicketLeap (free): sends reminders
  • Epic Event (free if the event is free): sends reminders
  • Eventful (free): sends reminders
  • DoAttend (freemium): sends reminders
  • Ticket Tailor (freemium)
  • Amiando
  • TicketForEvent (freemium)
  • BookWhen (free)
  • Guestlist (freemium)
  • MyGuestlist: sends reminders
  • SimpleTix: sends reminders
  • Stage (freemium)
  • TicketPeak
  • EventArc (freemium)
  • EventStorm (freemium): sends reminders
  • TicketDerby
  • RegOnline (free): sends reminders
  • Ticketbud: sends reminders
  • CharityHappenings Ticketing (free): sends reminders
  • EventElephant (freemium): sends reminders

Most specialized event management apps can send automatic reminders to users.

I've indicated the ones that I know can send them, either from experience or because it's stated on their site on in reviews. Italicized entries mean I don't know/couldn't confirm that reminders are sent.

But you can usually find out by googling *service name* reminders or *service name* notifications, visiting their site, or contacting their sales/support.

Other options include Yahoo! Events, Live Events, Facebook, and Myspace.

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I personally use Facebook, but it only works for friends. Though that is what you are looking for. +1 – Doomsknight Mar 11 '12 at 15:23
I asked on SU, because I don't feel like signing up for 20 services to see if they fit my needs ;) (Best would be if attendants do not need to sign up for the service as well) – Pepijn Mar 11 '12 at 17:42
@Pepijn: I've only used a few of these, but I know most probably support reminder emails (some of them support SMS reminders as well). I've made this answer a community wiki so that others with direct experience can fill in the blanks. – Lèse majesté Mar 11 '12 at 18:53

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