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Recently I have had my Win 7 installation go corrupt.

The good news for me is I put that HDD onto a USB enclosure and I can access all the files in it.

I want to wipe it clean and do a re-install from the beginning but if possible I would like to get all the important data I have on that drive before I do so... and one kind of important part is the browser tabs that reopen when I restart Chrome and Firefox.

Any idea where that is stored?

And finally, same question but for all my bookmarks on Chrome and FF...?

I am/was on Win7 64bit.


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Both firefox and chrome store bookmarks and tabs data in their respective profile directories, their locations are as below:

For firefox:


For chrome:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Backup and replicate these folders in the same location on your new installation to restore you profiles. Hope this helps.

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Thank you sir! :) – Ryan Mar 12 '12 at 0:06

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