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In Ubuntu Terminal, drag and drop selection can copy the text selected into clipboard and Shift+Insert to paste. In KDE Konsole, it seems selection doesn't do copy. So either I have to use mouse middle key to copy/paste, or open context menu to click on copy. Is there any way to configure Konsole to do copy selection? Or any keyboard shortcut to do copy?

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Konsole can copy with ctrl + shift + c, and paste with ctrl + shift + v. My right click context menu on Konsole 2.7.4, KDE 4.7.4, Kubuntu 11.10, tells me these keyboard shortcuts.

Edit: There is actually a secondary buffer. Selected text is automatically added to this buffer, and middle click automatically pastes it. ctrl + shift + insert will also paste from this buffer. This can be changed under Settings > Configure Shortcuts > Paste Selection. ctrl + insert defaults to an alternate for normal copy, and shift + insert defaults to an alternate for normal paste.

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