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What is a simple home backup software which works with a variety of OSes?

I need software that will take incremental backups of a few folders on my drive and back them up to an external HDD. I want to have a feature where I can 'mount' the backup and get files out of it should I need to. Acronis does this but unfotunately doesn't work properly on my setup... :-( Any ideas what I can use?

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It would be nice to know why acronis does not work on your setup, maybe that problem could be fixed or at least no one would reccommend a solution that leads to similar problems. – Baarn Mar 11 '12 at 17:08
Syncback from 2brightsparks is a fairly nice program that does this. – kobaltz Mar 11 '12 at 17:18

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Use Genie Timeline Home. Its free edition is also available.

It does incremental backup very smoothly & features Time Machine of Mac OS X. Means, you can move back & forth in time to access your file system snapshots at that time. Its the true power of incremental backup (beyond storage saving etc).

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Many external drives ship with software that does this type of backup. Western Digital and Maxtor on many. I am sure others as well. What make external drive do you have? Check the vendor site.

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