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Is there any Windows GUI, preferably an IDE, that allows one to connect to a server via SSH, modify (html, in this case) files and then commit them to SVN?

I've been fiddling with Netbeans and Aptana and I can't find a way to do it there.

Thank you!

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While I've never needed to use svn and don't know the intricacies of what happens locally or in the server, it is my understanding that the various svn plugins for Visual studio would do what you want.

A list can be found in this question, in addition there seems to exist a Tortoisesvn plugin for VS as well.

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PHP Designer Supports SVN & GIT, it's a pretty decent IDE too!

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After trying a bunch of things, I actually ended up going with Komodo Edit, which is free and works on Mac OS X and Linux as well as Windows.

It doesn't quite support what I wanted out of the box, but I made it happen with a dirty little macro. So far it is working fine for my needs. Not the most elegant solution but it's good enough!

Here is the source for the macro:

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