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Assume e.g. you want to backup all files matching pattern a to directory A and all files matching pattern b to directory B. The natural way to do this are two separate rsync commands.

rsync --include="...pattern_a..." --exclude="..." user@server:sourcedir/ a/
rsync --include="...pattern_b..." --exclude="..." user@server:sourcedir/ b/

So far, so good. Now assume that the source dir contains lots (!) of files. Running rsync two times consumes a lot of resources for building the index alone.

Is there a possibility to accomplish things like that in a single rsync run, hence building the index just once?

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Create temporary folders on the same file-system, hard-link the files you want into each, then run rsync on each folder.


cp -Rl <...glob_pattern_a...> /tmp/tmp_a cp -Rl <...glob_pattern_b...> /tmp/tmp_b

rsync --remove-source-files /tmp/a user@server:destdir_a rsync --remove-source-files /tmp/b user@server:destdir_b

If you want to do this from the dest system, you could put the 'cp' commands in a script on the source sytem.

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