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Apples   1
Apples   5
Apples   2
Bananas  1
Bananas  4
Bananas  6

I want two bars on the X axis (Apples, Bananas), but with crosses marking the points on the Y axis.

Here's a mockup:

enter image description here

I'd want 1 and 2 to be labelled "Apples" and "Bananas" respectively.

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isn't there a charts wizard that does this for you? – SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Mar 13 '12 at 11:53
I can't find one. Do you know what it's called? – Chris Mar 13 '12 at 12:38

Here is another approach. Organize your data in a table layout so either Apples and Bananas are column headings and the data is in the columns beneath them, or they are row labels and the data extends to the right on those rows. Highlight all of the data, including the labels, and insert a Line chart (select the first style that includes markers). If the X axis doesn't show Apples and Bananas, click the Switch Rows/Columns button. That will give you a raw graph that looks like this:

Raw Graph

Then right click on the legend and delete it. Right click on each series line, select Format Data Series, Line Color, no line. If the mixed marker styles bothers you, you can click on Marker Options and make them all alike (if the different colors bother you, also click on Marker Fill, solid and pick a color). You end up with:

polished graph

This chart style won't give you tick marks at the X axis labels, but those can be added artificially.

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To label 1 & 2, you can easily add two dummy series, one for each label. "Apple" series will be (1,0) and "Banana" series will be (2,0). Then, format the data points with no shape/fill/line and add a data label for each series name (located below the data point). Finally, modify the X axis formating to eliminate the default labels (and ticks, if you're inclined). You may have to tweak the plot area inside the chart to allow for enough room for the data labels. You'll end up with something like this: Scatter Labels

You also mentioned two bars on the X axis, with crosses on the Y axis. Did you mean something like a column chart? If you elaborate, there's probably an easy way to fix that as well.

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