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When I start a new session on Ubuntu 9.4 I need to run jockey-gtk to enable my wireless networking card:

jockey-gtk -e firmware:b43

jockey fails if I try to run it from rc.local, even if I try to set DISPLAY first. Is there some way to run this command automatically on startup?

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jockey-gtk does not work outside of an X environment. This was recently fixed with the addition of jockey-text, a command-line text frontend. Check if you can get the package for Karmic containing this fix to work for you. Launchpad bug report with fuller details: Command-line interface doesn't work without X

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I had to add

deb karmic main restricted

to /etc/apt/sources.list and then run apt-get install jockey-gtk to get the version with jockey-text. After I did that, adding the line jockey-text -e firmware:b43 in \etc\rc.local successfully enabled my wireless card when my session started. Then I removed that line, or else apt-get update will install karmic.

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