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I need to install VMware in my PC, to install Linux on 64-bit Windows 7 host.

The problem is that when I double click the .exe, the error Setup can not continue, Microsoft Runtime DLL. The installer failed to complete the installation happens. The installer works on another PC with Windows XP (32 bits), so I think it does not work in 64-bit Windows 7.


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Vmware server 2.0.2 – zhang weisheng Mar 13 '12 at 14:22

VMware Server is obsolete, as per their web site, and this is probably the reason for it not to work in Windows 7. Try using VMware Player or VirtualBox.

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I'd use VMWare Player. VirtualBox is a mess. – Shiki Mar 13 '12 at 14:38

Have seen this in a number of cases and it seemed to relate to C++

Make sure you have the latest C++ Redistributable. 2008 version worked for me but that was a year ago I removed all other C++ insatlls on the system and rebooted. After doing this, I was able to install VMware Server just fine.

VMware Player is also a good route as noted by @Renan Birck Pinheiro

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