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This describes a way to collapse outlines with the mouse. Is this possible to do with keyboard only?

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enter image description here

It's not possible to change this shortcuts in onenote 2013 (you can change them in word 2013). You can however, use autohotey, to "change" them. I use this ahk script for example:

^Down::Send !+{+}
^Up::Send !+-

This maps Ctrl+Up and Crtl+Down to collapsing and expanding outlines.

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Back in the days, these where Alt+_ (Underscore) to collapse and Alt++. Because the Ribbon has been added, these now require an additional Shift press, thus:

  • Alt+Shift+_ (Underscore) to Collapse

  • Alt+Shift++ to Expand

Source: Dummies - How to Use Word 2010's Outline View (This would also apply to OneNote)

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Any ideas how to change this shortcut ? – Kasper Feb 28 '14 at 21:03

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