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Is it possible in OpenOffice Calc to create a single chart where one set of data is derived from columns, and another set of data is derived from rows?

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Yes, this is possible (i tested it with LibreOffice 3.5 - but i'm sure it works the same way with OpenOffice):

  • Starting with these values...


  • Select cells A1:B5, add chart, select "Line" type, select "Points and Lines" style (should work with other chart types and styles, too):


  • In the next step, select "Data series in columns", both First Row / First Column as label:


  • Next step is most important: in the next wizard window, add the second data series manually. To do so, hit the Add button and set Name and Y-Values manually:



  • Now, hit Finish. The result will look similar to this:


The only limitation is that you can't set differenct captions for the different Y axis values - in my example, you will have to decide to use either A2:A5 or B7:E7.

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