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Note: if serverfault is not the proper forum for excel questions then please forward me to the correct forum in stackExchange group.

I need to create a chart whose columns has different width.

I found this long work-around to do that but: a. I couldn't adjust it to work in Excel 2010 b. I can't believe that this is the only way to do it in the most useful spreadsheet in now days

I also tried to add the histogram add-in becayse as far as I know graph with variable width of its columns is a histogram- but it completely something else in Excel.

Does someone know how I can generate such chart?

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SuperUser would be a better fit for your question - but DO NOT repost it yet. This question will either be migrated or closed here - in the latters case you can re-ask it on SuperUser. – tombull89 Mar 14 '12 at 10:39

Excel has no built-in facility for this effect. You need to use a workaround such as I wrote about in that "long work-around".

What part of the protocol doesn't work in Excel 2010?

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