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LibreOffice has a pretty limited method of assigning the key to accept autocorrections, I know what three of the five options are, but have no idea what the other two options represent.

  • LibreOffice Writer
    • "Tools" menu
      • "AutoCorrect Options..." submenu option
        • "Word Completion" tab
          • "Accept With" drop-down options:
↘ - ? ________ ?
↩ - enter/return
‿ - space bar
➞ - ? ________ ?
⇥ - tab

What keys do the southeast arrow (↘) and the rightwards arrow (➞) represent?

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In LibreOffice v4.0 on a MacBook keyboard under OSX 10.7.5, the mappings correlate to:

  • southeast arrow icon = I expected it to be the end key, but the common key combination of fn + right_arrow is not working; perhaps a bug
  • rightwards arrow icon = right arrow key

I'll do more research on this and update if I notice a change.

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