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I have a gigabyte 970 motherboard. A 64 gb SSD, a 1tb HDD and an AMD fx6200 CPU. Graphics AMD Radeon hd 6870. 8 gb ram. Nothing is overclocked, everything is stock. So I downloaded a few large archives (saved to the hdd) and I extracted them with 7zip and I got a CRC error. I Tried using winrar and for the same issue. I tested my ram with memtest and moved my hdds around, used new data caves, replaced the drive, reinstalled windows. And it fails still. Sometimes I get a bsod error 101. I changed ide and ahci setttings to try to fix. I was able to extract them from a network drive fine, so the files are fine. Windows runs fine, so there isn't a CPU problem. I updated bios to f8e. I do have indexing data stored on the HDD, but that shouldn't do anything. HELP!

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Run a memtest from a Linux LiveCD to eliminate the RAM as a potential source of corruption. Also check SMART data from your HDD to see if it is failing.

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