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I looking for drivers for network wireless PCI card WNC-0301 of Level One for Windows XP 64 bit. The one I found on company's site is zipped with password. In short, do somebody know where to find this driver?

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any luck? I'm trying the same for Windows 7 x64 :( – balexandre Oct 9 '09 at 20:26
Where did you find the driver, was it on ? Did you try to get the server 2003 driver or another one? (XP 64 bit is more like server 2003 light than it is XP). What is the hardware ID of the adapter ? – Hennes Nov 20 '13 at 21:20

yeah, i think the adapter in question is too old for 64-bit systems

I got the very same problem and level1 can't seem to bother to release an update version; I'm going to buy a more up-to-date wireless adapter tomorrow. These things aren't too expensive nowadays!

The windows 7 recommended ones are on their windows 7 supportpages. That's my POV

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