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i register my domain at and set strato server as master dns server for my domain. My webserver is running at . I have configured the A Record of my domain to point to pagodabox's IP. Everything works fine, when i enter in my browser, i can see my website. But how can i configure my email (something like to use my strato's mail server because i don't have mailserver at pagodabox.


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In your DNS server, you need to add two records.

The first is an A record, and will look something like this: 14400 IN  A <ip address of strato>

This defines a new record that will resolve to the strato IP address

The next is: 14400 IN MX 10

This will say that any email for should be delivered to the server at - ie strato.

In each case the 14400 is the TTL of the record, or time to live. This dictates how many seconds the record can be cached for by other DNS servers (also known as propagation time).

The 10 in the MX record is the priority. You can define multiple email servers for a domain and the MX record priority tells emails servers the order in which they should be tried.

The IN part of the record just means INternet - it will always be this for common scenarios.

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